Eyes blinded by Painted Smiles. (s0_imp0ssible) wrote in creativebutcute,
Eyes blinded by Painted Smiles.


Hey kiddies, I'm: Tessa
I've been alive for : Almost 18 years.
I live in a hellhole known as: Massachusetts. Although it's not that bad. It's cold in the winter, but I kind of like it.
My favorite food is: Shrimp. I love shrimp.
I love my: do you have to put something about yourself? If yes, then I guess I love my.. eyes? And if not, and it looks like I'm just being egotistical, then I love my friends. A lot.
But I hate my: Shoulders.
My favorite shirt is: Its red and black checkered, it looks like a picnic blanket and it reminds me of the summer.
My favorite bottoms are: Fleece pants. They're amazing.
Sometimes I listen to: Northstar, Taking Back Sunday, Something Corporate, RX Bandits.. those are some of my favorites.
When I'm bored you can find me: Sitting in my friends' houses trying to decide what to do, and then ending up falling asleep.
What makes me creative is: I write a lot. But not many people know that. It's a secret =x
My favorite movie ever is: Napoleon Dynamite!
Most of my clothes come from: Ummm.. literally everywhere. A lot from H&M. And I work at Kohl's so I get a discount there.
Something most people don't know about me is: Well I already told you I write. A lot of people don't know that I have a boyfriend? I don't find it neccessary to flaunt things that is nobody else's business.


-on the right
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