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creativebutcute's Journal

maintenance. minus . conformity
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We're cute, we're comfortable, and we're not fashionable for you.

1. Please include the short survey and atleast 1 picture of your face and 1 picture of your body.
2. Wearing emo clothes from the second hand store head to toe does not make you unique. If this is the case of YOU, do not even try out, unless you really rock it well and think it's unique.
3. No spamming, or posting nude photos. Unless it's tasteful, I don't want to know the things that your partner knows about you.
4. The mods can ban you at anytime for anything they feel violates the rules. Most of the time we will warn you though, we know how it feels to be banned for having a little fun.
5. If you don't like how someone looks and it starts a flame war, we don't care. It's your opinion, express it to the fullest.
6. Don't invite all your friends to the community just to vote for you. If the mods feel a suspicision in your votes, your application will be closed for only moderator voting.


Hey kiddies, I'm:
I've been alive for :
I live in a hellhole known as:
My favorite food is:
I love my:
But I hate my:
My favorite shirt is:
My favorite bottoms are:
Sometimes I listen to:
When I'm bored you can find me:
What makes me creative is:
My favorite movie ever is:
Most of my clothes come from:
Something most people don't know about me is:


If you can, please save and upload these to your own host.