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AHHHH guys Im sooo sorry I didnt do the cut before, I thought I had, but I guess I was wrong! SORRY! <3

Hey kiddies, I'm: Jeska Tidmore
I've been alive for : 16 years, 1 month and 7 days! woohoo!
I live in a hellhole known as: Homewood Alabama, and you described it to a T! I couldn't have said it better myself!
My favorite food is: ANYTHING FAST FOOD...I AM the FAST FOOD QUEEN
I love my: life, poetry, words, music, intellegence, style, and mommy
But I hate my: apathetic reoccurences, ex boyfriend
My favorite shirt is: A blue boatneck crew cut shirt from Express, its warm and confy and goes with just about everything, and you can do alot to jazz it up!
My favorite bottoms are: JEANS, I ♥ my jeans!
Sometimes I listen to: Sara McLaclan and Billy Idol
When I'm bored you can find me: At the computer, or daydreaming in my room a.k.a "the virgin sex room", because it looks like the perfect room to have sex in, but it has never seen sex in it's 16 years!
What makes me creative is: My ability to focus inside and outside of myself. I can be someone and write a poem about their life, just by knowing them, I don't even have to experience their lives too much, I just know.
My favorite movie ever is: White Oleander. it's so beautifully done, and the book is spectacular
Most of my clothes come from: Wherever I like them and see them, Thrift store, Express, Rave, Hollister, Body Shop, if I like it and it's reasonably affordable I will buy it!
Something most people don't know about me is: I play guitar, I have played since I was 13, but only two people have heard me play, I have a complex!

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yes. i do concur. you rock at life.
Im flattered! Thank you angel!
For someone who's a fast food queen, it sure doesn't show. And I like that. ;D. I really like your hair and make up too.
Awwww thanks. I think I might liek to be a make - up artist for ballets one day, that would be awesome, or rather Broadway Musicals, that is... if my bands career doesn't launch! lol! Im such a BIG dreamer! <3
please do LJ cut though. thank you!
the 'virgin sex room' somehow made me think of that chris rock song, "there is no sex in the champagne room... no sex in the champagne room" and it made me giggle. also, straight hair is underrated. so yeah totally

ACCCCEPTEDDDD! Vote and promote!
okay, thanks for accepting me but how do I use that banner? I dont know how and Im confused! I would like to put it in my userinfo page and use it for promotion but I dont know how! If you could let me know, thatd be GREAT! Thanks!
Add < to the beginning and > to the end, and use this code
a href=""><img src="" border="0"