Kay Kay (panic_attacks) wrote in creativebutcute,
Kay Kay

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Hey kiddies, I'm: Kay
I've been alive for : 15 years
I live in a hellhole known as: Wartburg
My favorite food is: I like many different foods
I love my: Friends
But I hate my: Computer
My favorite shirt is: White tank with a Red & Black star in the middle
My favorite bottoms are: Black chain pants
Sometimes I listen to: Soft Rock
When I'm bored you can find me: On the computer or in my room
What makes me creative is: Just being myself
My favorite movie ever is: The Hot Chick
Most of my clothes come from: Hot Topic
Something most people don't know about me is: I don't know....
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where are pictures?
I don't know how 2 put my pics on here, wanna tell me? I'm new...dunno how 2 do some stuff. If you let me know how, I'll upload some.
upload them to photobucket.com
it will give you the code you need to put on the site to use them