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Hey there sugar darlins...

Hey kiddies, I'm: Ruby!
I've been alive for: Just about fifteen years now..
I live in a hellhole known as: ...Missouri. Shhh.
My favorite food is: Yellow Chicken Curry! Yummy~
I love my: Eyes!
But I hate my: Toes. ;o;
My favorite shirt is: My home-made Never End shirt.
My favorite bottoms are: My gingham Via 101 skirt.
Sometimes I listen to: Whole bunches of things! I'm the musical equivalent of a ten-cent crackwhore.
When I'm bored you can find me: Obsessing over a certain pinkhaired someone-someone.
What makes me creative is: My loves. <3
My favorite movie ever is: Velvet Goldmine! So lovely! *o*
Most of my clothes come from: eBay or Uptown Monkey...
Something most people don't know about me is: That I'm often very calm~ They always expect me to be superduper hyper and all ramma-lamma!

Cheers, dolls!

<3 rûbï
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