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im trying out

Hey kiddies, I'm: Wayne, but that makes me think of cowboys, call me Waynis
I've been alive for : 15 years and counting
I live in a hellhole known as: toronto
My favorite food is: cucumbers and vinegar
I love my: computer
But I hate my: computer
My favorite shirt says: "pissing ON the world one person at a time"
My favorite bottoms are: pinstripe girls pants
Sometimes I listen to: shitty ambient noise. mindless is my favorite band. i like hardcore, industrial and some other stuff.
When I'm bored you can find me: recording bad rap songs and playing with my junk
What makes me creative is: i shop at thrift stores and wear emo clothes. My super vision from my nerd specs.
My favorite movie ever is: fear and loathing in las vegas
Most of my clothes come from: value village..im not cliche, im on a budget
Something most people don't know about me is: i stoped taking my meds

thats my body shot, notice the nerd specs

notice the inconsistencies in me wearing glasses
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